New Enhanced Security Features

Now available for the CASH+ Call Recording and Call Accounting is new enhanced security features. These  new features are beneficial for those customers in a multi-site or hosted environment. 

Within the new enhanced security, there is now the ability to limit a user to only being able to see their own "site" within the CASH+ software. Each site (or phone system connection) would be set up as their own site within the software. This will allow administrators to create different levels of users; allowing each user to view one or multiple sites within the software. When they log in to pull their reports, they will only be able to view and run reports on those sites you have given them the ability to view. This is great for those multi-site call accounting customers who may want to give one location the ability to log in via web browser but only see their own sites call information.

Or if you host a PBX and want to offer hosted call accounting services to your customers, you can create individual logins allowing them to view only their call history. They would be able to access all the same features and benefits that the CASH+ Call Accounting offers but only be able to view the information pertaining to their site. 

Existing customers can get upgraded to the latest version that includes this new feature at no charge as long as they subscribe to our Software Assurance Coverage. 

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