Hansen Software Accepted Into The Cisco Developer Network

We are pleased to inform you that Hansen Software Corporation has been accepted into the Cisco Developer Network (CDN).

Cisco and Hansen Software Corporation will work together under Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) for Cisco CM 7, 8 and UCCMe.

Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) program objective is to provide a verification that the registered Developer's product (CASH+ Call Accounting) meet four specific criteria set out by Cisco.

Hansen Software Corporation is very pleased with its decesion to join the Cisco Developer Network Program. CASH+ Call Accounting is already compatible with the Cisco product however it is always preferrable to go through the correct certification processes in order to gain strength as a vendor in the call accounting software industry today.

At the end of this process CASH+ Call Accounting software will successfully integrate and scale as defined by Cisco design guides and Developer's product specifications. CASH+ Call Accounting will also install and functionally operate/perform as indicated in collateral and specifications. This process will also prove that CASH+ Call Accounting Reporting Software can integrate successfully with Cisco products while not adversely affecting Cisco product operation or the integrated solution.