Working from home? We can help!

During these unprecedented times, more and more people have had to make the switch to work from home. Hansen Software's Call Accounting and Call Recording solutions can help you still monitor/track your employees while working from home.

With the CASH+ Hansen Call Reports we will track all incoming and outgoing phone calls made by remote phones. A variety of reports are available to see the call history and productivity of each employee. Or use the Dashboard to get a dynamic display of the most recent call information.

Did you know we also offer Hosted Call Accounting? This means no on-site installation required. Just have the SMDR port forwarded to our hosted environment. CASH+ Hansen Hosted Call Reports can be accessed from anywhere via mobile phone, PC or tablet device.

Worried your teleworker's calls aren't being recorded for quality assurance or he said/she said scenarios? With the CASH+ Hansen Call Recording, we will record all incoming and outgoing phone calls on your trunks. Even remote phones. Hosted Call Recording is also available. Simply deploy hardware on-site to tap the lines, port forward SMDR and access the software and recordings via web browser from home.