CASH+ Call Accounting Uses iPocket232

CASH+ Call Accounting Software is a Windows based call accounting software solution for any industry with a business telephone system. CASH+ Call Accounting is compatible on almost every phone system make & model on the market to date, from Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Toshiba, Panasonic, Nortel, 3Com, Inter-Tel, NEC, Lucent, Nitsuko, Samsung, Siemens, Tadiran, ShoreTel & Telrad to name a few!

Each of these phone systems sends the raw SMDR or CDR data to the CASH+ computer two possible ways. They are able to send via a serial cable or IP Connection. Some phone systems are able to offer both options. When CASH+ Call Accounting Software recieves the SMDR or CDR data via IP connection it will run as a service. Due to this feature an IP connection is always the preferred method to deliver the raw call records.

Hansen Software Corporation uses the iPocket232 to offer clients the ability to send raw data from their phone system via IP Connection when the phone system is not capable of doing this directly. The Precidia iPocket232 brings RS232 equipment onto an Ethernet LAN/WAN. Practical IP Transition, with the RS232 and Ethernet ports, the iPOcket232 seamlessly connects legacy equipment to an enterprise LAN/WAN. It extends the life span of the existing serial-based PBX system with network accessibility. By Leveraging the iPocket232, organizations can implement a flexible IP migration strategy.

The iPocket232 installs and configures in a matter of minutes. The iPocket 232 reduces cabling requirements and can overcome distance limitations imposed by serial cables.

CASH+ Call Accounting sells the iPocket as an additional option to it's clients. Clients with serial only phone systems now can have an IP Connection, reliablity and additional features of having CASH+ run completely as a service!