We are a family owned & operated company. That may not seem like a bold statement but it really is because the way we do things, and the reputation of the company, is personal. And when something is personal you tend to approach it with strong intentions of integrity because it's your name behind it.

From day one Hansen Software has been led by Craig Hansen. An entreprenur at heart, born into a large farm family, he has moved through his working career from the ground up. Starting out with nothing. From an oil rig worker, to commercial fisherman, John Deere store owner, to starting a commercial landscaping company and Hansen Software both at the same time. He's always worked hard to create a wonderful life for himself and his family of 5. 

One thing always remained consistent for him. Treating your staff and your customers with respect and consideration was non-negotiable and just how it should be done. This is where the company philosophy derived from and where the company culture and customer service excellence is driven from.

His son & daughter entered the business after pursing their own paths and now have 15+ years each in the business. They carry the Hansen name forward with the same integrity that their father instilled in them.


For over 30 years, Hansen Software Corporation's (HSC) success has been built on a simple company philosophy of Excellent Products, Quality Service, and Unparalleled Technical Support.

Hansen products reflect this commitment. At HSC we apply our exceptional industry knowledge, technical expertise, and vision of the future to create applications that will continue to meet the evolving needs of our distributors and customers. HSC is further committed to ongoing research and development. This combined with our willingness to listen to our customers has propelled us to provide state of the art products and solutions that are easy to use and manage.



HSC's experienced and approachable technical support team will complete the installation and setup for you! Built in remote assistance allows us to control the users computer during the installation to ensure the process runs smoothly.


All Hansen products include one year of our Software Assurance Coverage. We would rather develop a long lasting relationship with our clients than simply sell them CASH+ and disappear. 24/7 toll free emergency support in also offered. Our online remote technical assistance makes support quick and pain free. And no auto attendant or offsite support staff. Call in, we answer, we help. It's that simple.


We have found our pricing to be very reasonable and more than competitive. In fact, some of our competitors have said we are very aggressive with our pricing structure! We offer a team, and accessibilty to that team that can't have a price on it. 


We are so confident in our product, that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee, if the software doesn't preform as promised by our Sales team.