TABS Law Package Interface

Hansen Software Corporation develops and sells the CASH+ Call Accounting software. With every purchase of the CASH+ Call Accounting software comes interfaces to a wide variety of phone system, property management system, accounting package & law packages. As always, Hansen Software Corporation wishes it's CASH+ product to be compatible and capable of interfacing to as many different products as possible. Our customers require that the information gathered and processed by the CASH+ Call Accounting software be exported to a variety of other software programs. Recently we have added a new interface to the product. TABS, a popular law firm software is now a product which the CASH+ Call Accounting software can interface to. Law firms bill back for time and or cost of phone calls made on behalf of clients. CASH+ Call Accounting tracks and bills this appropriately. TABS or other law packages are often what these companies use to manage their business and having the billable call information imported into these packages is extremely valuable. This allows the companies to simplify their procedures and software program usages. Everything they need from CASH+ Call Accounting is exported into the Law Management Software. TABS is a new interface into the CASH+ Call Accounting and our two products work together to offer law firms a complete management package.

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