CASH+ Is Now Compatible With Allworx

Hansen Software Corporation is pleased to add Allworx to their list of phone systems supported by CASH+ Call Accounting!

The Allworx family of IP based telephone systems and VoIP phones are designed to meet the communications and networking needs of typical small businesses. The term "VoIP" is officially an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol.

CASH+ Call Accounting monitors and reports telecommunication activity. Call Tracking Software collects incoming and outgoing telephone data generated by your phone system and is used to control operation expenses, distribute costs and increase employee productivity. Call Detail Recording (CDR), Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) or telephone data collected typically includes date, time, call duration, calling/destination parties, call authorization, account code and line/trunk information. Call Management Software uses this data to provide cost, caller identification, location information and more for report summary and detail generation.

For more information on CASH+ Call Accounting contact a sales representative today – 1.877.795.2274 or