Software Assurance Coverage - Discount for Multiple Years

Hansen Software now offers a discount when purchasing multiple years of the Software Assurance Coverage. This discount is available for a 3, 4 or 5 year term on both the CASH+ Call Recording and CASH+ Call Accounting.

Discount is as follows:

3 Year Term          10%

4 Year Term          10%

5 Year Term          15%

We are pleased to offer this for all new or existing customers who would like to take advantage of the savings available. 

One year of Software Assurance Coverage includes:

  • Remote installation assistance
  • Unlimited new user and/or refresher training
  • One year of unlimited technical support (24/7 for emergencies)
  • Remote online training, support or upgrade assistance
  • Semi annual software updates
    • Automatic maintenance routine
    • Product enhancements
    • Area code updates
    • Additional reports
    • New telephone system additions
    • Microsoft windows compatibility upgrades

 To take advantage of these savings contact us today via email - or by phone 1.877.795.2274.