CASH+ Toll Fraud Alert

Toll fraud prevention should be a hot topic in telephony. After all, worldwide annual losses from toll fraud now are estimated to exceed $35 million and prevention can be hampered by the growing complexity of managing hybrid voice networks. Because toll fraud can take a variety of forms, telephony managers must constantly be aware of vulnerabilities and suspicious activity.

AT&T provides a helpful resource on how to prevent toll fraud, but they warn that they are not responsible for network security: "In the final accounting, however, you, the customer, must become a watchdog over your network if you are to successfully thwart these insidious criminals." Since carriers cannot assume accountability for enterprise telephone network security, government offices, non-profits, hotels, universities, healthcare facilities, law firms, and other organizations must take a proactive approach to securing their telephone networks.

Today's call accounting software systems provide comprehensive protection to help ensure that toll fraud and other suspicious activities are quickly identified so they can be thwarted.

Toll Fraud Alert is a standard feature in CASH+

Based upon a user defined criteria, CASH+ Call Accounting can send a toll fraud alert by email or automatically turn the telephone system off.

As well CASH+ can turn on power to the telephone system. This feature needs to utilize a hardware device that is known as: netBooter™NP-02

This device is commonly referred to as an IP Power-bar. Based upon this device receiving a command from CASH+ over the network it can turn on or off the electricity to the telephone system.