Sample Reports


Below are just a few examples of the reports Hansen Call Reports has to offer. Setup an online webinar with us so we can personalize showing you how the software will meet your needs.


Whether your company needs traffic and line analysis, productivity monitoring, cost recovery reporting, customer care reports or revenue generation tallies our reports are easy to use and read. 

  • Automated Reports

    Create and build all your favorite reports and then schedule them to arrive daily, weekly or monthly to you on an ongoing basis via email, printer or file. Set it and forget it. Consistently receive the data you need without continuously having to make time to run reports. Long Term Care, Retirement Residence or Multi Tenant Billing Reports are some examples of industries that rely on monthly billing reports. Any industry that is watching productivity will also benefit from weekly or monthly productivity reporting. Automated reporting saves them all time.

  • Unlimited Access

    Hansen Call Reports comes with unlimited clients so you can give access to as many different people as needed. Sales Teams and Customer Service reps need access to review numbers and see productivity on the fly. Allow access so they can stay on top of their numbers without you having to produce reports for everyone.

  • Share Tools

    The reporting module is accessible via your own unique web address which means there is no download or setup required for accessing the software from any PC within your network. Options for accessing from outside your network are also available.

  • Report Format Flexibility

    Reports can be viewed/or created in PDF, Word, Excel, Text & HTML so that you don’t have to do any further modifications to get the reports in a format you need. Simple & Efficient. Lawyers and Accountants tend to prefer exporting data to excel where a Sales, Insurance or Business Offices may prefer PDF so no changes can be made to the information. All format options are available all the time regardless of your industry.

  • Alerts

    Screen Pop Ups & Email Alerts for a variety of purposes to help you stay on top of valuable information as it is happening.