CASH+ Has A New EZTime Reporting Module

When it comes to retirement homes RIF cards are used to open doors and allow access or disallow access. As well, RIF tags are used to know a patients location. We worked together with one of our phone vendors to have the tracking system send out data to our call management software. Hansen Software then analyzed this data and are pleased to announce that we have created reporting based on this information!

This allows our CASH+ call accounting software to send out reports on how long someone is in a given location. If a patient got into an area they are not allowed to be in, this will notify of that. Furthermore, all the staff have RIF tags on them and Hansen Software developed reporting that allow us to have an automatic, virtual time clock within the call tracking software. When they get on site the RIF tag is seen and when they leave the tag is no longer visible. We took the start and end times to know how long that person was on shift.

To find out more about this new reporting module please contact Hansen Software – 1.877.795.2274.