Benefits & Features of our Call Recording

Hansen Call Recording is available as an on-premise or hosted solution. Both options include every feature available and our unlimited personalized training. Together we will identify and setup the right tools for your business. This is one of the best benefits to choosing Hansen Software for your Call Recording needs. Not to mention the support we offer is truly incredible. Product pricing is calculated by the number of lines you have. SIP, PRI or Analog Lines are all supported
  • Software Runs as a Service
  • Recordings are Easily Accessible
  • Client/Service Network Compatible
  • Emergency 911 and/or Customer Call Alerts
  • No Recordings Collected Alerts
  • Blackout Features to Prevent Recording Sensitive Information
  • Secure Storage & Transmission of all Audio Recordings
  • Recordings Can be Saved or Emailed in WAV or MP3 Formats
  • Configuration Archiving of Data in Compliance with Regulations and Business Rules
  • Control & Report on who has Access to Customer Interaction Data
  • Regulations Such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, TSR, TILA, FDCPA, HIPAA, MIPPA


Whether you choose to implement Hansen Call Recording on-premise or as a hosted solution you will receive our full feature set. Including our unlimited personalized training where we will learn your needs and together select and setup the best tools to meet them.


Dispute resolution, risk management and verification of conversations are required in some industries. Meet compliance by implementing Hansen Call Recording.


Determine productivity levels, analyze sales script execution to help improve agent performance, verify orders and resolve disputes.

Customer Care

Monitor call quality, professionalism and script execution. Provide feedback for training and development of staff.

Order Taking

Review disputes, resolutions, order confirmation, appointment bookings with Hansen Call Recording.


Having unlimited access to our training and support team for 1 year allows our customers to team up with us. Together we guide and explore all the tools the software has to offer so that you can uncover the exact tools you need. That is why we include install, training and 1 year of ongoing support or training with every purchase. 

  • Remote Installation Assistance
  • Unlimited New User Training
  • Unlimited Refresher Training
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Technical Support
  • 24/7 Support for Technical Emergencies
  • Semi Annual Software Updates*

*The Hansen Call Reports upgrades that we send you not only update the software, but repair any potential problems. This is a critical process that ensures the software runs at a high level of speed and efficiency. Without these updates the software may eventually become obsolete and unusable. This support and maintenance package ensures that your software is always current and reliable to protect your investment. Upgrades can be delivered as a downloadable link via email or as a CD. Your choice.


  • 911 Call Alert
  • Phone Number Alert
  • Data Collection Alert
  • Unlimited Client Copies
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
  • Updating Dashboard
  • Flexible Criteria
  • Reports in PDF, Excel, Word, Text & HTML
  • Run, Email or Save Reports
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Support & Training