Hosted Call Recording

WHY Hansen Hosted CAll RECording?

Hansen Hosted Call Recording is a hosted Call Recording solution that is easy to use and simple to manage. Powerful reporting criteria selection allows you to build reports to include criteria you care about and exclude information you are not interested in. Listen to, comment on, grade, save & email calls to co-workers or staff for easy sharing, training and confirmation of services.

Unlimited support and training are always included. To learn more about our amazing customer service visit our Software Assurance Page


  • Email & Save recordings as WAV or MP3 files
  • Compatible with computers, phones and tablets
  • Accessible anywhere with internet on all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iOS etc)
  • Automatic backups and redundancy
  • Fully encrypted SSL secured web portal
  • Solutions for all phone system makes and models
  • No on site server required. Saving you time, maintenance and money
  • Automated emailing, printing and/or file creation of scheduled reports
  • Plenty of report variations available in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word...)
  • Emergency 911 and/or Custom Call Alerts feature


The Hansen Hosted Call Recording product is sold as a 1 year minimum commitment. Monthly or annual payments are offered.

All pricing includes ongoing Software Assurance Coverage which provides complete setup and unlimited training and technical support services.

Recordings are retained as long as you have space on your plan. At your choice, oldest recordings can be deleted automatically, more space added or recordings can be off loaded to you in a data dump at any time to free up space for a fee.

For details and pricing about multi-site call recording or to obtain a personalized quote, please contact us.

*North American pricing shown. Contact us for pricing outside North America.

Choose Your HARDWARE

8 Analog Lines16 Analog Lines1 PRI2 PRISIP ChannelsHosted PBX's
$2,995$3,995$3,995$4,495$1,695 + $100 per ChannelMay Not Require Hardware

Hardware is required for Call Recording so there is a one time purchase of the required hardware.

*SIP Hosted Call Recording is limited to 30 Channels maximum.

Choose Your hosted Size

100 GB250 GB500 GB1000 GB
Hosted Monthly$145$245$345$445
Hosted Yearly*$1,655$2,795$3,935$5,075
Minutes of Recordings800,0002,000,0004,000,0008,000,000

*Yearly prepayment receives 5% discount

1 Line uses on average an estimated 20,000 minutes per year.

Contact Us for further assistance determining space requirements




View or Download our Informational PDF Booklets containing sample reports, hardware specs and an outline of our support services.


View or Download a one page PDF Brochure here.