Enhance Vertical Wave with CASH+ Call Recording

Hansen Software is pleased to share that the CASH+ Call Recording is now Wave-Approved!

To further expand the functionality of its award-winning Wave IP unfiied communications platform, Vertical is pleased to announce that the CASH+ Call Recording solution from Hansen Software Corporation (HSC), a "Wave-Approved" Third-Party Solutions Partner, is now available to help your Wave IP customers do even more to manage communications and boost profitability. 

Available on PRI, Analog or SIP channels, CASH+ Call Recording integrates seamlessly with Hansen's already Wave-Approved CASH+ Call Accounting program to ensure that recordings are quickly and easily accessible without limiting reporting options. CASH+ Call Recording allows you to:

  • Review and listen to the audio of every call made within the business
  • Search for recordings based on the CASH+ Reports module - Grade recordings, make notations and search by their grades later

With CASH+ Call Recording, small businesses can:

Resolve Disputes - Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to clients to confirm contract details.

Demonstrate Compliance - Show that regulatory guidelines have been followed

Monitor Quality - Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally.

Improve Performance - Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.

Share - Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues.

Existing Wave IP systems integrated with CASH+ Call Accounting software can be upgraded by purchasing HSC's Call Recording. For more information, please contact Hansen Software at 1.877.795.2274 or email sales@hansensoftware.com.