CASH+ Hansen Call Reports is one of the most widely used call accounting systems in the hospitality industry. This is due to its innovative features and unparalleled tools for reporting and billing. We include, at no additional cost, the interface to all of the most popular Property Management Systems available on the market.

Sales Organizations

CASH+ Hansen Call Reports allows management to analyze individual activity which enables them to set individual and departmental goals in an effort to achieve higher levels of productivity. Organizations will further be able to predict peak periods during the day to allow for staffing adjustments and to monitor telephone misuse and abuse.

Long Term Care

With CASH+ Hansen Call Reports you can create customized long distance packages for your residents. You can also easily recover the cost of equipment (incidental charges), service fees (recurring charges), and telephone calls. 

Financial & Insurance

CASH+ Hansen Call Reports allows you to create detailed reports on all calls made by each station and/or department. This is an effective way to monitor client billing as well in house telecom costs. 

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