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CASH+ allows management to analyze individual activity which enables them to set individual and departmental goals in an effort to achieve higher levels of productivity. Our CASH+ Dashboard allows you to create graphs and charts based off of these goals, that will provide your company with quantifiable results.


WHY CASH+ Dashboard

  • Increase Productivity by Monitoring Individual Activity
  • Monitor All Call Activity to Eliminate Misuse and Abuse
  • Enable Emergency and/or Custom Alert Notification
  • Monitor Trunk Activity to Analyze Line Traffic
  • Allocate Telecommunication Costs by Department
  • Track Incoming Calls to Ensure Advertising Campaigns
  • are Profitable
  • Telephone System Data Collection and Call Alerts

Dashboard Features

Call Summaries allow you to monitor any combination of total volumes, call direction, duration and cost on either individual extensions or groups.

The Ticker Tape displays individual calls as they happen. You can have this include as much or as little detail as you wish.

Graphs can be manipulated to show any combination of incoming, outgoing, or total call volumes. A number of graph options are available; such as bar charts, column charts, or pie charts. Graphs can also be viewed in 2D or 3D.

Call Alerts notify you if any predefined alert is triggered. Calls such as 911 for example, or calls to any specific number that the user defines. Alerts can also be triggered for calls over certain durations, and if no call data is being collected at all.

Did You Know?

Our CASH+ DashBoard is included free when you purchase our CASH+ Call Accounting or CASH+ Call Recording.

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