CASH+ Call Accounting allows you to increase productivity by monitoring individual call volume. You can also generate revenue and recover telephone costs by allocating communication costs to specific departments or accounts.

Cash+ Call Accounting Pricing

5 extensions
10 extensions
25 extensions
50 extensions
100 extensions
150 extensions
300+ extensions

Included in your purchase of the software is one year of our Software Assurance Coverage. For details and pricing about multi-site call accounting, please contact us.

Features / Benefits

  • Software Runs as a Service
  • Rapid Report Generator
  • Automated Emailing, ¬†Printing and/or File Creation of Scheduled Reports
  • Report Variations Available in a Variety of Formats (PDF, Excel, Word...)
  • Client/Server Network Compatible
  • Emergency 911 and/or Custom Call Alerts
  • No Call Data Collection Alert

Related Industries

  • Cities & Government Authorities

Did You Know?

Our CASH+ Call Accounting software is included free when you purchase CASH+ Call Recording.

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